Quick Review: Saw V

Synopsis: Saw IV revealed the new Jigsaw apprentice and set him loose on the world. Let’s see how he does. An FBI agent named Strahm… a leftover from the previous movies… is hot on the trail of the new villain, meanwhile Hoffman is weaving his own trap for the agent while simultaneously playing “the game” with a group of five people trapped in a warehouse with all manner of nasty mechanisms.

What I thought: Much better than Saw IV. Was it a great movie? No. Was it entertaining? Yeah. Was it a worthy equal to the original Saw and Saw II? Nah, not really. I didn’t actually keep count, but there seemed to be less gore and fewer traps in this one. And the traps themselves just weren’t as good. The “trap” that the new Jigsaw is setting for the FBI agent is predictable and transparent. Maybe it was supposed to be. I dunno; it’s hard to tell sometimes. The physical traps that Jigsaw’s new playthings have to navigate are interesting, but nothing special. However, the overall “theme'” of those traps… not revealed until the end… made me smile in appreciation. Good job on that; even I didn’t see that one coming. More importantly, the story remained clear and linear (if somewhat predictable), thus eliminating my major beef with Saw IV.

In conclusion: A good movie. Not a good SAW movie… but certainly better than the last one. Worth a rent/download for certain.

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