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31 Dec

CotA: Page 92

Here’s page 92 of “Court of the Abominatrix”

29 Dec

CotA: Page 91

Is Here.

So what do you think of the “plan”?

27 Dec

I Don’t Understand Writer’s Block

As I randomly surf various writing blogs and websites, I always come across articles about Writer’s Block.

How to Beat Writer’s Block.

Way’s to Cure Writer’s Block.

10 Tips for Sufferer’s of Writer’s Block…etc…

I don’t get it.

No, really… I don’t get it. I’ve never had this so-called “writer’s block” and I’m having a very difficult time understand just what it is, how it happens, and why its such a big deal that everybody and their mother has to write about it. I don’t want to jinx myself and say that I never WILL suffer form a lack of creativity… but I honestly just do not understand the concept.

Not having enough TIME to write… I understand. Not having enough energy to write… I understand. Too many distractions and other obligations… been there/done that/still doing it.

Having nothing to write? That’s inconceivable to me. Trying to explain “Writer’s Block” to me is like trying to explain the concept of dehydration to a fish.

I’ve quite recently come to accept the fact that I will NEVER live long enough to write all the stories that I have stashed away in my notes and/or memory. Maybe you think I’m bragging or being some kind of egotistical asshole…. no. I literally have more ideas than I have time left to live. And yes, that is EXACTLY as depressing as it sounds. If I lived in a cave with all my needs taken care off and nothing to do but write and stay alive… I would still die with a stack of notes on my hard drive. I have no shortage of ideas. Given any specific idea, I have no shortage of ways I could implement it with characters and plotlines. No shortage of ways I could weave it into OTHER ideas that I’ve had before to create something larger. Writer’s Block? Please… I come up with an “epic storyline” every third day. Once a week, during a ‘slump’.

So maybe writer’s block is about the actual words. Have I ever sat down in front of my word processor and the words just weren’t there?

Yeah. Wanna know how I fixed that? Eight hours of sleep, followed by eight hours of work. Works every time. By the time that empty word-processor screen shows up again, I’ve got plenty to say. I may not have the TIME or the ENERGY, but the words are chomping at the bit and ready to go.

So I just don’t get it.

19 Dec

CotA: Page 90

Here’s page 90 of “Court of the Abominatrix.”

There will be no updates next week because of the holiday. I’m taking a break, and I’ll see you all after Christmas.

17 Dec

Next Year

There have been a couple of comments asking about the donation rewards and a few other things. I figured my reply would be better suited to a full post rather than a comment.

I’ll preface the following by saying that nothing is absolute, and my mind may change about any number of things in the next few weeks. No surprise there.
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17 Dec

CotA: Page 89

Here’s the 89th page of “Court of the Abominatrix”

15 Dec

CotA: Page 88

Here’s page 88 of “Court of the Abominatrix”

11 Dec


Do yourself a favor. Fire up your bittorrent client of choice and download a cartoon called “SuperJail”. Just search for the name. It is perhaps THE most insanely funny cartoon I’ve ever seen. It is literally laugh out loud, blow your beverage out of your nose all over the keyboard funny. I don’t know if I can describe what it’s about without it sounding less insane than it really is, so just watch it. Each episode is only ten minutes long, so you can consume them like candy…. only it rots your mind instead of your teeth. It’s subversive, violent, hilarious, violent, and violent. Not for kids, though. Not even a little bit. Hell, it’s not even for most ADULTS.

…those twins… [shudder]

10 Dec

CotA: Page 87

Here is is.

There may not be an update on Friday. It depends on whether I can get the day off and what kind of madness transpires at work between now and then.

9 Dec

Quick Review: X-Files – I Want To Believe

Synopsis: Judging from the previews, I think there was some effort put into keeping this movie’s exact plot a secret. So I’m not going to give it away beyond what you might read on the back of the box. After a young female FBI agent is kidnapped, a mysterious and somewhat troubled psychic shows up with information about the case. His information turns out to be correct, but it never actually includes the location of the agent or the identity of her kidnappers. He does dig up the assorted body part or two, though. So the FBI decides to call in Fox Mulder because… well… ummm… this is an X-Files movie and he has to be there and this is the best they could come up with. Only they don’t know where he is (yeah, right) so they did up Dana Sculley who is doing some utterly uninteresting things at a church-run hospital. She finds a scraggly-looking Mulder living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere- which is exactly where I pictured him ending up after the TV show ended. He agrees to help the FBI if she comes along. She does, and he does, and off we go!

What I thought:
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