Quick Review: X-Files – I Want To Believe

Synopsis: Judging from the previews, I think there was some effort put into keeping this movie’s exact plot a secret. So I’m not going to give it away beyond what you might read on the back of the box. After a young female FBI agent is kidnapped, a mysterious and somewhat troubled psychic shows up with information about the case. His information turns out to be correct, but it never actually includes the location of the agent or the identity of her kidnappers. He does dig up the assorted body part or two, though. So the FBI decides to call in Fox Mulder because… well… ummm… this is an X-Files movie and he has to be there and this is the best they could come up with. Only they don’t know where he is (yeah, right) so they did up Dana Sculley who is doing some utterly uninteresting things at a church-run hospital. She finds a scraggly-looking Mulder living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere- which is exactly where I pictured him ending up after the TV show ended. He agrees to help the FBI if she comes along. She does, and he does, and off we go!

What I thought:

From the beginning to the end of the movie, my opinion can be summed up with the following sequence:

“Yawn… meh… oh?.. Oh SNAP!!… yawn…”

Basically this movie was EXTREMELY boring for most of its length. I wanted to go back in time and stab myself in the face as I was walking into Blockbuster so that I could at least have an INTERESTING evening. The villains of the movie and their plot are totally mundane and are in no way worthy of an XFiles movie. -at least, that’s what I thought for most of the film. But then there are some sudden revelations, and what you THINK is going on is suddenly something else… something better… something finally interesting. Unfortunately, by then the movie is almost over and you don’t get to actually enjoy enjoying the movie. It’s like they took fifteen minutes (or less) out of a good X-Files TV episode and hid it toward the end of a Lifetime Television Drama. When shit starts happening, it starts happening fast with about two good “HOLY SHIT” moments… and then its over.

The Verdict: Too little, too late. The good stuff is worth watching, but not worth wading through the rest of the movie to get to it. Avoid this one.


  1. Kragon, December 10, 2008:

    Agreed. It almost made me want to cry.

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