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29 Jan

CotA: Page 100

Episode 100 of is here. Enjoy.

27 Jan

CotA: Page 99

I’m not gonna try to pre-schedule this post since I messed it up last time. But you have to promise not to read Wednesday’s episode of “Court of the Abominatrix” until after midnight.

Next Episode Status: Complete.

26 Jan

CotA: Page 98

Page 98 is here.
Wednesday’s update is finished.

24 Jan

Spawn of the Abominatrix?!

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this thing was running around in that labyrinth somewhere. How someone managed to smuggle a picture out is beyond me.

what foul sorcery

Note the claws. And I’m sure that thing in the back is a tentacle.

18 Jan

Quick Review: The Unborn

Synopsis: A young woman is haunted by the ghost of her twin brother… who died in the womb. (At least that’s what they want you to think.) The previews looked interesting with some good FX, so I decided to give it a try.
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18 Jan

“The Grudge” just scared the piss outta me.

So I’m in the hotel room and decided to watch some TV. Normally I don’t even bother turning on the TV when I’m on the road. Therefore, I am unaccustomed to anything making noises in the hotel room except me and maybe a cellphone or leaky toilet. But I was board, and “The Grudge” was on.

Remember that movie? Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. some angry Asian ghosts? Yeah, that.

I”m only half-watching the movie, but the sound is turned up kinda high. Nothing interesting is happening on the screen so I decide to to to the bathroom. Ahh, but this is one of those scenes where the ghost pops up in a reflection and makes that weird choking noise out of nowhere. So as soon as I turn the corner to the bathroom:

Ghost: “AAH-AAH-AAH!”
Dark Icon: “…AAAA! THE FUCK!? Oh. Shit.”

Guess ya had to be there.

….actually, this whole post was just me testing the updated blog software to make sure it still works. Although the above sequence of events DID really just happen.

16 Jan

CotA: Page 97

Here is Friday’s episode.

Monday’s episode is not yet written. I’ll be working at my job through the weekend, but I should still have time to finish a chapter. Note the use of the word ‘should’.

14 Jan

CotA: Page 96

Here’s the next page.

Friday’s episode is already written.

12 Jan

Storymash: The Longest Night

I’ve mentioned the collaborative fiction website a few times in recent weeks, and I finally decided to give it a proper test drive. I posted something a couple of days ago.
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12 Jan

Cota: Page 95

See! Here it is!
I bet you didn’t believe me!

The likelihood of there being another episode on Wednesday is very high…. since I’ve already written it. Beyond that… we can only hope the week goes well.