How to Tell You’re Reading a Dark Icon Story

In case you’re ever in doubt, here’s how to tell:

1 – At least one person has a gun. And uses it.
2 – At least one person knows martial arts. And uses it.
3 – At least one person is “cursed”. And uses it.
4 – The story is related to or contains references to another story.
5 – Claws…
6 – …and Tentacles.
7 – The story is strangely reminiscent of either: Hellraiser, HP Lovecraft, or a comic book.
8 – The black guy never dies first.
9 – Children are either evil, very short-lived, or suffer a fate worse than death. Or all three.

Don’t be fooled. Accept no substitutes.


  1. nate, January 12, 2009:

    You forgot number 10: The desire to read more about all of the above.

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