CotA: Page 97

Here is Friday’s episode.

Monday’s episode is not yet written. I’ll be working at my job through the weekend, but I should still have time to finish a chapter. Note the use of the word ‘should’.


  1. nate, January 16, 2009:

    Working on the weekend sucks. I hope you at least get time and a half for it. Monday’s a holiday to boot, so if you miss it no big deal.

    Tuesday is the day I’m concerned about. I work in Greenbelt, Maryland. That’s pretty dang close to DC. On normal days the traffic can be horrendous. Consider the number of streets and MAJOR ROADWAYS that are being shut down, and the estimated 1-4 MILLION people heading to DC, and it could be a nightmare. I don’t have enough leave to take the day off and I can’t work from home, but I’m looking at a bunch of other options.

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