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28 Feb

Quick Review: Dead in three Days

For a so-called ‘horror’ movie, this shit was boring as fuck.

How’s THAT for a quick review?

26 Feb

CotA: Page 109

I think this Friday’s episode of “Court of the Abominatrix” is my favorite out of the entire story so far.

25 Feb

CotA: Page 108

24 Feb

The Coming of Three

The Coming of Three is a fantasy novel co-authored by myself and Danny Wall back around 1999-2000. Our intention was to: FIRST – get the damned thing published and SECOND – use it as a springboard for a larger epic consisting of at least a trilogy, possibly more. With the first novel finished and the second already in the works, we set about trying to polish it into something actually worthy of commercial publishing. We edited. We sought feedback. We added, shuffled, and removed chapters. We changed major aspects of the story. We did it all. Somewhere in the arduous web of re-writes and edits, we both lost interest and moved on to other projects. Judging from my notes, the novel had gone through between four and six major drafts before we called it quits.

That’s unfortunate, as it means that there is an entire novel out there that none of you have read. Yet!
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23 Feb

CotA: Page 107

Here is page 107 of “Court of the Abominatrix”. Sorry its a bit later than usual.

20 Feb

CotA: Page 106

19 Feb

NonFiction Horror

Okay, not exactly ‘horror’, but pretty surreal nonetheless.
Last night I was at a client’s office in Montgomery after hours along with a co-worker. It was dark, and a nasty story was brewing outside, and we started hearing some alarms. They’re these little clock-radio sounding things scattered throughout the building, and they’re going off.

I ignore them, of course.

A little bit later, a member of the cleaning crew wanders in and asks us if we know our way to the basement.

No. Why?

Those are the tornado warning alarms.

A few seconds later, we notice a new sound: air-raid sirens. Yes- Air. Raid. Sirens.

Co Worker: Ummm…
Dark Icon: uhhhh….

Those bad boys kept going for about fifteen minutes before they stopped. Then we left. They started up again twice before the end of the night.

ONE of them happened to be RIGHT outside my hotel room window, which was very pleasant.

Never did see a tornado, though.

18 Feb

CotA: Page 105

Page 105 of “Court of the Abominatrix” is awaiting you in the Library

17 Feb

Kinda obvious, really

I’m sorry.
I’m really sorry.
But when I saw the following photo and headline on just now, I immediately knew why the supposed ‘crime’ was committed:

Self Defense?

BOOM! Headshot! It’s the only way to take ’em down.
Of course, if all you’ve got is a machete…

(I really AM sorry, but it honestly WAS the first thing I thought of!)

17 Feb

Quick Review: Midnight Meat Train

This movie was based on a Clive Barker story

Clive Barker also created “Hellraiser”.

I could end the review right there because you can probably fill in my opinions for yourselves based on those two facts alone.
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