CotA: Page 101

One hundred and one pages.
I feel like I should do something special. Oh well… kinda late now. Besides, the end is fast approaching and that’s special enough. :)
Anyway, here’s page 101 of “Court of the Abominatrix”.

By the way, what Owen is referring to happened not too far back on Page 82.


  1. coops200ad, February 3, 2009:

    That’s a cool feature where in place of ads the links take you to your own stories. Good to see you fixed the links here too, much easier to navigate.

  2. DarkIcon, February 3, 2009:

    I’m surprised anyone noticed those ads; they’ve been there for a couple of months. Most people have conditioned themselves to ignore anything that looks like advertising. I put those there almost as a kind of Easter egg for existing fans who aren’t ad-blind as well as new folks who were intrigued by the descriptions. Since nobody said anything, I figured most people WERE ad-blind. Except you.

  3. coops200ad, February 3, 2009:

    What can I say, I’m a details man. Actually I think I saw your name and did a WTF?. I must have the same conditioning as I’m on your site every few days and never noticed. Nice surprise though, and I had faith you wouldn’t steer me to unsavory porn by trickery. Savory porn is OK.

    It’s gonna be sad when CoTA is finished. I’m near the end of mine too. As much as I enjoy writing it, I’m anticipating the freedom to move on to other (shorter) stories. Bring on the Finale’s.

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