NonFiction Horror

Okay, not exactly ‘horror’, but pretty surreal nonetheless.
Last night I was at a client’s office in Montgomery after hours along with a co-worker. It was dark, and a nasty story was brewing outside, and we started hearing some alarms. They’re these little clock-radio sounding things scattered throughout the building, and they’re going off.

I ignore them, of course.

A little bit later, a member of the cleaning crew wanders in and asks us if we know our way to the basement.

No. Why?

Those are the tornado warning alarms.

A few seconds later, we notice a new sound: air-raid sirens. Yes- Air. Raid. Sirens.

Co Worker: Ummm…
Dark Icon: uhhhh….

Those bad boys kept going for about fifteen minutes before they stopped. Then we left. They started up again twice before the end of the night.

ONE of them happened to be RIGHT outside my hotel room window, which was very pleasant.

Never did see a tornado, though.

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