The Coming of Three

The Coming of Three is a fantasy novel co-authored by myself and Danny Wall back around 1999-2000. Our intention was to: FIRST – get the damned thing published and SECOND – use it as a springboard for a larger epic consisting of at least a trilogy, possibly more. With the first novel finished and the second already in the works, we set about trying to polish it into something actually worthy of commercial publishing. We edited. We sought feedback. We added, shuffled, and removed chapters. We changed major aspects of the story. We did it all. Somewhere in the arduous web of re-writes and edits, we both lost interest and moved on to other projects. Judging from my notes, the novel had gone through between four and six major drafts before we called it quits.

That’s unfortunate, as it means that there is an entire novel out there that none of you have read. Yet!

Over the years Danny and I have mentioned publishing the thing ourselves, but neither of us put any serious time or effort into it. Last year, after rescuing the files from a failing hard drive, I asked my co-author if I could just package the text in a PDF and sell it as an ebook via Paypal. We’d split the proceeds of course. He agreed, and now I’m finally bringing the (almost) lost novel to you. It’s had one final round of editing by one of the authors (me!), and it is as close to a finished product as it will ever be.

This link is to a PDF file containing the first 35 pages (or 4 chapters) of The Coming of Three. If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you my remember this previous post with an excerpt linked in it. Ignore that old link. THIS excerpt (from the post you’re reading right now) is both longer and more recent, so you should be able to get a better idea whether you want to read the rest of the novel or not. If you do, the price is just $5.00.

I haven’t set up a proper storefront or sales page yet, but I didn’t want to delay the release any further for something that I may end up taking weeks or months to do. The paypal link works, and that’s all you need.
After purchase, just follow the link back to, and you’ll arrive at the page where you can download the full PDF. If that doesn’t work, just email me (darkicon AT bookofdarkplaces DOT com) and I’ll send the PDF to you.

And be sure to let me know what you think of the story. If there is enough interest in the book, I’ll create a special page on the Asylum Walls for it, but until I do that you can just leave comments here.


  1. epm, February 25, 2009:

    Well, I will buy it as soon as I can (have to check the exchange rate of real to dollar and have to garantee that my computer is safe).
    But …
    Spoilers Bellow:

    A “normal” fantasy tale? Nobody died with a sword up his/her “botton” in 30 pages?
    OK, someone was eaten alive in these 30 pages, but …
    Perhaps it is because this is just the begining.

  2. nate, February 26, 2009:

    A whole novel for $5? That’s almost half the cost of a paperback. Payday isn’t until next week, but I’ll be ordering.

  3. DarkIcon, March 10, 2009:

    Note 1: I’m assuming the link is working since nobody has complained about not getting the PDF file yet.

    Note 2: If any Kindle2-owners want a PRC version to put on their device, just ask and I will provide. If more than a couple of people actually DO ask, I’ll package one along with the PDF in the download.

  4. DarkIcon, March 21, 2009:

    The official page for the Coming of Three novel is now up. Technically, the page is still in beta but its already much better than the old one.

  5. nate, April 8, 2009:

    Finally finished reading it. I enjoyed it and of course would like to see more, but at the same time I’ll have to say it wasn’t fleshed out as well as some of your later work and it left way too many questions to have ended where it did.

    I found the appendices to be very good, and the writing in them was much cleaner than the story itself.

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