Quick Review: The Burrowers

I never really liked westerns. Scratch that… I’ve always pretty much hated them. But a horror movie set in the 1860’s is a good way to lure me in, especially when you add hideous subterranean creatures burying people alive so that they can be eaten once they’ve ‘softened’ a bit.

wait a minute, didn’t I WRITE that

Anyway, here’s the deal with this movie:

It starts out with something unseen and hungry attacking a small western family. Then we move on to four people setting out to find the aforementioned family, assuming all along that they’ve been kidnapped by horny Indians. They meet up and travel briefly with a larger group of Civil War soldier-types before setting off on their own… which takes them to the end of the movie, where they find out that the people they’re looking for are more than likely monster-food, but the Indians have it all under control (in their own way) Or they DID, until the heroes show up…

Whatever. It’s a good movie. It starts out good, and the middle-portion descends into just being ‘decent’… but the ending saves it. Altogether: A good flick if you like Cowboys and Monsters.

What I liked:
Monsters that I could have (and actually MAY have) come up with myself.
Dare I say it… yes: Characters that Fight Back. With Guns. And Spears. Hell yeah.
“Soft parts…? I like my soft parts!”

What I didn’t like:
The soldiers were heavily cliched and a bit over-the-top, but I guess they had to be in order to explain the ending (which I loved, btw).
Could have a bit (or a lot) more action and tension in the middle portions.

Overall, when this one comes out on DVD, rent it.

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