The Forgotten: Page 8

Chugging right along, here’s Page 8 of “The Forgotten”


  1. nate, May 4, 2009:

    And we have to wait until Wednesday to find out what the strangeness is…

  2. Caber, May 4, 2009:

    David, meet your new friend…Filkus!

  3. nate, May 4, 2009:

    Nah, I’m not seeing Filkus in this one. I still think Lovvorn, and I’m starting to think maybe Eric Hood too. Then again, it could be Silvermass, or any of the others.

  4. epm, May 5, 2009:

    Possible spoilers bellow, but I doubt:
    Will the boy loose his name?
    The interesting part is that DI usually gives a fighting chance to his victims, unless they are too stupid. A tale that can be told as: “The vilage sacrificed the boy to get more prosperity” is not exactly the kind expected from DI, and this makes things interesting.

    Not related: Buy “The Coming of Three” – you will not regret it.

    The boy might become that psychopat that works for December.

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