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29 Jun

The Forgotten: Page 29

Here is Page 29 of the serial fiction fantasy story, The Forgotten.

26 Jun

The Forgotten: Page 28

Here is page 28 of “The Forgotten”.

This one is a bit longer than normal because it was originally written as two pages. But it didn’t make sense for me to break this one simple scene across a weekend, so I joined them together. Next week we pick up with David and the Pilgrim again.

25 Jun

The Coming of Three… The Sequel?

Someone emailed me and asked about the possibility of a sequel to The Coming of Three. I figured that to be the kind of question best addressed on the blog for the benefit of anybody else who was interested.
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24 Jun

The Forgotten: Page 27

Here is page 27 of “The Forgotten”

22 Jun

The Forgotten: Page 26

Here’s page 26 of the serial fiction story: “The Forgotten”

19 Jun

The Forgotten: Page 25

Page 25.

17 Jun

The Forgotten: Page 24

Here’s page 24 of “The Forgotten”. Sorry for the delay.

15 Jun

The Forgotten: Page 23

Here ya go.

14 Jun

(Fake) Green Lantern Trailer

I didn’t get excited when I heard that Hollywood was adding a Green Lantern film to the “Comic Book Movie” gravy train they’ve got going lately. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a GL fan from way back, but when I try to picture a Green Lantern movie that doesn’t suck… I just cant. I keep picturing it turning out like that first Fantastic Four movie [shudder].

Anyway, some guy went and made a fake Green Lantern trailer using some heavily doctored footage from other recent movies.

It rocks. See for yourself:

Yes, this is a FAKE trailer, and the real Green Lantern movie may turn out to be nothing like this.


12 Jun

The Forgotten: Page 22

Here’s page 22 of “The Forgotten”.

Hmmm… those guys sure do get around.
Newcomers should reference:
The Expedition
Chapter 15 of December Night’s 2.

That ought to keep you busy for a while.