The Forgotten: Page 23

Here ya go.


  1. nate, June 15, 2009:

    So, do these dead children have anything to do with the other flashback story that had a bunch of dead kids? Seems like a huge coincidence to me, and I remember how all the stories tie together.

  2. DarkIcon, June 16, 2009:

    I think you’re talking about The Wasteland.
    Everything IS related, but there’s no direct connection between these children and those. The ones in the December flashback were killed by K’Sano, and he isn’t going to show up here.

  3. nate, June 16, 2009:

    OK. Just checking. I seem to remember you asking once what was up with all those children (from The Wasteland) and hinting that it would eventually be revealed. This current story has dead babies (Alice Cooper reference, forgive me) and an unspeakable evil (I thought might be K’Sano, or the evil that the priests of iron and fire serve), so I thought maybe they were related.

    Keep the pages coming. The amount each time is just right, and the pacing is almost perfect. Maybe once this story is finished you can apply the same format to In Deed. I just hate those unfinished stories.

  4. DarkIcon, June 16, 2009:

    Yeah, those children were going to (and still might) make an appearance in the future.

    There are a lot of ‘ancient evils’ around in my stories. Although, the one in this one IS something you my find familiar when we finally get to it. This story will make quite a few interesting connections before its done, but none of them involve those OTHER children in that OTHER wasteland. ;)

    In Deed is planned to be the next major project.

  5. nate, June 16, 2009:


    I saw a preview for a movie called The Crypt. It comes out this year, and looks like it might be your kind of movie.

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