The Coming of Three… The Sequel?

Someone emailed me and asked about the possibility of a sequel to The Coming of Three. I figured that to be the kind of question best addressed on the blog for the benefit of anybody else who was interested.

First, a recap.
The short version: The Coming of Three is a fantasy novel that I co-wrote with Danny Wall a long, long time ago. Our intention was for it to be the first part of a series that we would get published. After several rounds of feedback and re-writing (and re-re-writing), we sort of let the project fall by the wayside as we both moved on to other things. Lately, we decided to publish the most recent version of the novel as an ebook that a few people have bought and hopefully enjoyed.

Now, the answer:
We actually started working on the second book years ago, and even have the first couple of chapters already written. Not long after I put the ebook up for sale, Danny asked me if I would be interested in starting up on the sequel again. My answer to him was along the lines of: “Sure… if people show enough interest in the first book. I don’t want to work on something that people don’t want to read.” Or something like that. Danny’s answer to ME was along the lines of: “Hell, nobody even KNOWS about the first book. You’ll need to do a lot more than just put up a link on your blog to get the word out.” To that, I replied: “Yeah, I know” and let the subject drop.

I’m still on the fence about continuing the work. I certainly enjoyed writing the book, and I suspect rather strongly that the second book will be much better than the first based on the outline that we had at the time. My reservations aren’t based on the book itself, or on working with Danny. It’s purely based on my limited resources and my uncertainty about whether people WANT a second book or not. Danny is 100% right: there needs to be a heavy advertising campaign before we can generate the amount of sales and (even better:) FEEDBACK that would let me know if the project was worth my time or not. I have devoted some money to some minor advertising efforts both for the site as a whole and for The Coming of Three, but honestly I know very little about marketing products (or anything) on the internet. Nor do I have the money to do much even if I did know what I was doing. Currently I’m doing small things and hopefully I’ll hit on something that has a big effect one day.

So I guess this answer isn’t much of an answer at all, merely a statement of where things are. Yes, there ARE plans for a sequel. No, we are not actively working on it. Why? Because I’m a greedy asshole who wants to make a few tanks of gasoline off the first book before I work on the second. Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to promote the first book the way it needs to be promoted, so we’re kinda stuck right now.

There ya go.


  1. epm, June 29, 2009:

    Well, I am one of the people waiting for the sequel.
    If one day it is posted and you do not put a price too high (no,not going to pay one milion) I will certainly buy it.

  2. nate, June 30, 2009:

    Same with me. I’d be willing to pay $5-$15 for the sequel, if it’s as big as the first book. Let’s take the $15 figure though. Is it worth your time to finish the book when only two people buy it? Even if 100 people bought it, that would only be $75 for each of you. Personally I’d rather pay $15 to have the other collaboration you were working on completed. Hell, I’d go back to the $5/month donations just to get a chapter a month on that one. $5 isn’t much money, only $60/year. I could get two hardcovers from the bookstore, or 6 paperbacks, for that money. I’d rather get the stories I get from this site.

    Bottom line, when I can I’ll donate some more. If you place books/chapters/stories on the site for small donations I’ll most likely get them. I like your work that much.

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