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31 Jul

The Forgotten: Page 42

According to my word processor, page 42 of “The Forgotten” is exactly 666 words long. Completely unintentional, I assure you. Maybe.

29 Jul

The Forgotten: Page 41

(in other words: Page 41 of the serial fiction fantasy story “The Forgotten” has been posted.)

27 Jul

The Forgotten: Page 40

Here’s Page 40 of “The Forgotten”

26 Jul

Book of Dark Places: Darker

There was an error in the old Book of Dark Places website that prevented people from viewing the story “Darker” in it’s entirety. Basically, once you got about halfway in, there was a broken link and you couldn’t get any further unless you could guess the date of the next post. That’s all fixed now.

[sarcasm]Thanks to the OVERWHELMING number of people who pointed out the error that had been there for literally years[/sarcasm]

Anyway, I was viewing the story in its entirety and something occurred to me:
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25 Jul

Problem with the Asylum Walls

No, I have no idea what’s wrong with Asylum Walls. I get garbage when viewing any of the pages. I’m clueless at this point… I don’t even know if the rest of you are seeing what I’m seeing, although I’m pretty sure you are since I checked from multiple machines/networks. It doesn’t *seem* like a corrupt database, as that wouldn’t cause total gibberish like that…. that I know of. Nor does it seem like a problem with the PHP scripting language on the server, since ALL of the pages on the site are PHP and none of them are having a similar problem. I can probably figure it out with some time and head-scratching, however, I’m not actively working on the problem at the moment. I’ve got other things going on right now. I’ll throw some brain-cycles at it later in the week.

24 Jul

The Forgotten: Page 39

Here’s page 39 of The Forgotten.

22 Jul

The Forgotten: Page 38

This latest episode of “The Forgotten” almost didn’t get written.
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17 Jul

The Forgotten: Page 37

Here’s Page 37.

15 Jul

The Forgotten: Page 36

Things start heating up on page 36 of The Forgotten.

13 Jul

The Forgotten: Page 35

Here’s page 35 of The Forgotten.