The Forgotten: Page 36

Things start heating up on page 36 of The Forgotten.


  1. nate, July 15, 2009:

    Vaguely reminds me of the time traveling in DNII. I almost expect N’Doki to pop up before this is all over.

  2. DarkIcon, July 19, 2009:

    No update on Monday, sorry.
    I hope to pick things back up on Wednesday, depending on how work goes.

  3. nate, July 20, 2009:

    Curious that you posted this on page 36, when 37 is up. My first reaction was AAAAHHH, I’M NOT GOING TO DO ANY WORK NOW. Then I figured I could really make it until Wednesday to find out more of the Barn’s history.

    Over the weekend I started watching Pitch Black again. Now I’m trying to find the time to re-read what’s been posted of In Deed. Perhaps next year.

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