The Forgotten: Page 38

This latest episode of “The Forgotten” almost didn’t get written.

It’s turning into one of ‘those’ weeks. Twelve-hour days trying to make software work aren’t conducive to writing much of anything, and at the end of the day yesterday I could hardly see straight. I wrote this chapter on my lunch break when I could have been resting, working, or eating another nasty-ass sandwich. Or hell, even reading or listening to music to calm myself down. But I didn’t do any of that; I wrote instead.

Wanna know why?

I didn’t want to disappoint nate.

When writers say feedback is important, it’s not because they have big egos and just want to hear people say they like something. Feedback is incentive to keep going. It’s a form of payment, and often its the only payment a writer gets. Feedback is what makes the difference between spending an evening writing or spending it playing World of Warcraft, or just going to bed early. There are ALWAYS other things a writer could be doing with their time. They chose to write because something inside them urges them… in the general case. But on any specific day, at any specific time… for any specific chapter… that urge may often not be enough. Those ‘other things’ start looking pretty good. Not getting paid for any of that writing makes those other options look even better. Having someone waiting on your next piece of work makes a big difference in those cases. It keeps stories going that otherwise just fade away (again).

So, I’m not saying this is the best chapter I’ve ever written… but in THIS case, if you like it you shouldn’t thank me at all. Thank nate.


  1. nate, July 22, 2009:

    I don’t know what to say. Take the time to get your paying job done. That’s certainly more important to do.

    I read the chapter early this morning, before you posted here on the blog. Yeah, I checked the site and saw it was available. Been doing that a lot lately. I have a big interest in seeing this story finished, plus the other two that are in limbo.

    I know, only one of those is likely to ever be completed, but I did try to contact the co-author of the other one over a year ago in hopes that she’d be able to help figure out how to make it happen. I’ve finally given up on that one, unless the two of you each manage to hit the lottery.

    Aside from me not being able to stand things that are incomplete, the stories are very good reading. The background and character development in your stories, along with the action and interweaving plot lines, is what keeps me coming back.

    This current story is very interesting as I believe it explores the origins of one of December’s crew, plus gives some more information on the Rune God and his followers. (Any female followers?)

    I’ll see what I can do about a donation soon. Sorry it won’t be much though, property taxes went up again this year and I have to pay mine in full. The monthly donations last year with the bonus stories worked for me while it was happening, but I fell out of practice after that experiment failed. Those who didn’t bother to contribute sure missed out on some good stories.

    I know there are others who have to be reading this current story. Come on people, give come comments or criticism. Let’s start some discussion about this story.

    What ever happened to those who were posting their own stories on the Asylum Walls? Several of those were very good reading. If you’ve got your own web sites, give a link. Gorgon Naylor, Loki, PaxNoctis. All of you.

    Anyway, thanks for the complement. Thanks for the new page. Don’t ever feel that you need to kill yourself to keep my attention though. Even in the days when the site wasn’t updated for weeks on end, I’d check on the odd chance that something happened. As long as this site it up and running, I’ll be here. Sometimes just re-reading things. Heck, I’ve even tried my hand at the flash fiction a time or two. Maybe I should just get a life?

    As for this current chapter, I find it interesting that Lowell and the others are seeing the past. I can understand David and Gravious, since I believe they’re looking through the spirit’s eyes, but not the others. Maybe it’s because they’re intimately involved with what happened, or maybe everyone can see it but nobody else is in the area.

    I’ll be back on Friday morning, or earlier…

  2. Caber, July 22, 2009:

    Was Oscar Bartleby a scrivener per chance?

    Kudos to Nate for keeping DI inspired enough to throw up an update. Although I’ll second his words that work comes first. Especially in this economy, you don’t want to have to be looking for a new job. Like Nate, I check for updates every Mon/Wed/Fri, I just don’t post as much. Yes, I’m a lazy SOB.

    I agree with DI that a writer likes to feel people are reading his/her stuff, otherwise, what’s the point of continuing. It can become discouraging if you feel no one is reading. Although faced with the choice of writing or playing WoW, well, lets just say I need my epics…

    Interesting how Derris’ personality is fairly close to Lovvorns.

    Nate – You can check my latest postings on DI’s forums to go to my website, although I rarely update it.

    Keep up the good work DI. How does crap like Twilight make it big time while DI’s superior stuff goes relatively unnoticed? Maybe throw some glitter on Lovvorn?

  3. nate, July 22, 2009:

    Found your site and bookmarked it. Thanks.

    I’ve noticed the similarity between Derris and Lovvorn also. Add in the early chapters with all the talk of multiple colors and magic, plus the tattooing of the rune onto David’s skin, and a few other things, and it all seems to point to Lovvorn. DI has been known to twist things around a lot though. Time will tell, and it’s an enjoyable ride to get there.

  4. epm, July 22, 2009:

    Hey, I´ve been around also.
    I admit to being a bit lazy, or pratical perhaps, there is an accesory for firefox called “morning coffe”, I simply programed it to go to this web site three times a week.
    So, I will always be here, even if I read fast and do not have time to coment.
    I do not go to the Asylum Walls with the same frequency, but I check it at least once every fifteen days.
    And, I´ve been spending a lot lately, but this “crisis” didn´t hit Basil as hard (we are even buying some airplanes to replenish or airfoce) and didn´t hit me at all.
    So, I will see what I can do to help in the financial part, although what I really wanted was a continuation to Namora Chronicles.

  5. cuti26, July 23, 2009:

    I must say I agree with Caber. I love how your characters are interconnected. It definitely increases interest. I’ve been a fan for some time and I still can’t understand how some of the garbage out there gets published while truly attention-grabbing stories don’t.

  6. nate, July 24, 2009:

    Seems to me that Lowell is very similar to Floyd D’Arcy. There’s something in his past that was downright twisted, and he enjoyed it.

  7. Kragon, July 26, 2009:

    I always check when I get the chance. But I have been gone for the last few months do to… Well do the the fact that I had no internet, which is caused by the fact that I did not have a job anymore. Cut backs. Gotta love them. But I did peek my head in evey chance I got. But as of a week ago I have a new job and I am back. So you can put me up there with nate as far as being here every morning and evening. lol

    It also looks like I have a lot of catching up to do with the story. Nice!

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