The Forgotten: Page 39

Here’s page 39 of The Forgotten.


  1. nate, July 24, 2009:

    “The others stood… making themselves visible to a set of young eyes peering out at them through the open doorway.”

    Hmmm, was this the “past” seeing them, or something else.

    Strangers: There was one back at the bar early in the story, and it was mentioned that there were a total of three. Thule doesn’t seem to match the man from the bar so that’s two. Is the voice David heard the third one? Is that voice’s owner also the owner of these young eyes?

    Probably won’t find out on Monday, but maybe over the next week or two.


  2. DarkIcon, July 24, 2009:

    I meant David. He saw ‘other creatures’ outside when the door got kicked in.

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