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31 Aug

The Forgotten: Page 49

Here’s page 49 of The Forgotten.

We’re in the home stretch now; there’s not much story left to tell. Just a few week’s worth, probably.

23 Aug

The Forgotten: Page 48

Here’s page 48 of The Forgotten.

As I’ve said before, this will probably the only update this week. Things should return to normal starting NEXT Monday.

17 Aug

The Forgotton: Page 47

Here’s page 47 of The Forgotten.
As mentioned in my previous post, updates will be erratic for the rest of August. I said that there might be a page Wednesday, implying that there WOULDN’T be one today or Friday. So does today’s update mean that there won’t be one Wednesday? Your guess is as good as mine.

16 Aug

Next Few Weeks

There hasn’t been much in the way of updates recently due to issues at work. Unfortunately, this situation is likely to continue through the end of August. There will *probably* be an update this Wednesday, and that’s it for this week. The week following that is my company’s convention, which will have me dedicating my every waking hour to not stabbing people entertaining clients. Whether there will be updates during that week or not depends on how much (if any) writing I can get done between now and then. Things should return to normal after that.

10 Aug

The Forgotten: Page 46

Here is Monday’s update..
I’m in Minneapolis most of this week, so there’s a possibility that Wednesday’s update might not happen. Depends on how the next two days go at work.

7 Aug

The Forgotten: Page 45

Yet another example of Characters Who Fight Back.

5 Aug

The Forgotten: Page 44

Meanwhile, over in the barn

3 Aug

The Forgotten: Page 43

The scene that’s played out over the past few pages (including today’s) is one of the things that difficult to do with short-chapter serial fiction. This would have gone on for thousands and thousands of words in a regular story, especially since there were actually TWO sets of actions taking place (past and present). But I can’t take months to unfold just one scene, so lots of things got shortened or just hinted at. I think it gets the point across, but I still get the feeling that the scene was shortchanged by virtue of the format.