The Forgotten: Page 43

The scene that’s played out over the past few pages (including today’s) is one of the things that difficult to do with short-chapter serial fiction. This would have gone on for thousands and thousands of words in a regular story, especially since there were actually TWO sets of actions taking place (past and present). But I can’t take months to unfold just one scene, so lots of things got shortened or just hinted at. I think it gets the point across, but I still get the feeling that the scene was shortchanged by virtue of the format.


  1. nate, August 3, 2009:

    Well, considering the format as you mentioned it, I think you are pacing it just right. Sure, I’d like to go back the the days of the 10,000 word updates twice a month, but that doesn’t look like it’ll be happening. I’m happy with 500 words 3 days a week.

    With the ghostly house and people, I’m thinking of them as illusions, I’m wondering if it was just an IMAGE of Thule that they’ve killed. Time will tell.

    Why do the characters past selves look so different from their current ones?

  2. epm, August 3, 2009:

    As I understand it, the character past selves are as they were seen by their victims in the past, they are a recreation of how these victims saw them and their actions.
    I think that Thule is not dead or else will come back from the dead.

    About the amount of description for the actions, I don´t see anything wrong with the actual format, the main action is being well described while the past action is like a film in the background, sometimes someone pay attention to it. So, it matches the basic idea.

  3. nate, August 7, 2009:

    More on Thule. Back on page 31 it was mentioned that Thule’s faith would power the rune on David’s body. This is an existential question, but does Thule’s faith continue to function if he’s dead? It was intact at the moment he placed the rune, but does he have to be alive for it to continue functioning?

  4. DarkIcon, August 7, 2009:

    I think in “The Expedition”, the Rune Missionary managed to make at least one appearance after his rather spectacular death.

  5. nate, August 7, 2009:

    Malyk’s dead? Of course he is. He sacrificed himself to buy the others time to escape from the overseers, aka Sinterborne creatures. I always figured his sacrificial death allowed him to achieve a kind of “higher” state of existence with the Rune Lord, which then allowed him to return and give guidance to Lara. Maybe I read too much into this stuff, or maybe it’s just that good.

  6. DarkIcon, August 7, 2009:

    That’s exactly what happened.

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