The Forgotten: Page 48

Here’s page 48 of The Forgotten.

As I’ve said before, this will probably the only update this week. Things should return to normal starting NEXT Monday.


  1. nate, August 24, 2009:

    Tie him up. It looks like at some point we’ll find out what that run tattooed on him does.

    I’m happy of course to see this update, and upset that it’ll probably be the only one for the week. This story is good. I’d rate it in the same category as The Hanging Tree for intensity. Keep up the good work.

    I’ll check back a few times this week anyway, just in case.

  2. nate, August 31, 2009:

    AAAAHHH!!! It’s 6:30AM on the afore mentioned NEXT Monday and no update. How will I manage to survive the day, let alone the week?!?!?!

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