The Forgotten: Page 49

Here’s page 49 of The Forgotten.

We’re in the home stretch now; there’s not much story left to tell. Just a few week’s worth, probably.


  1. nate, August 31, 2009:

    So, the Vern family has caused trouble in the past. At least once, if I’m reading the plot correctly.

    Back to “the Honor” for a moment. Will that event be described in any more detail? What’s it look like, why it appears to who it appears, how is it recognized?

    Already waiting for Wednesday.

  2. DarkIcon, August 31, 2009:

    Rinius was speaking specifically about a previous “Honor”, which ended in a last-minute search for a child and a family getting their house burned down around them.

    Don’t worry… we’re approaching the end, where (almost) everything will be put in the open. You won’t have to wonder for long.

  3. nate, August 31, 2009:

    Well, I’m assuming that previous honor was also with the Vern family and involved David’s unknow brother who is now the ghost boy speaking to him in the barn.

    A few more weeks until the end. It’s been a good run, and I for one am anxious to see not only how this ends but what’s next. In Deed, December, Crusade, Magekiller, or something entirely new. My personal vote is for In Deed or the current Crusade storyline, because those are the only two open threads you have that can be completed without outside help.

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