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30 Sep

The Forgotten: Page 61

Perhaps I didn’t express the situation clearly last time…
This ought to clear things up.

28 Sep

Back from Vacation

The wife and I are back from 7 days in Hawaii. I’m not a beach person, but she had a good time so that means I had a good time, too. Right now we’re both dealing with jetlag… and I’m flying out to Maine bright and early tomorrow morning. And I DO mean early! I’ll be there for two solid weeks; won’t even be coming home on the weekend like I normally do.

Obviously there was no new content today. Barring some sort of emergency, there will be a new page of “The Forgotten” on Wednesday. There *might* be one on Friday; that depends on how work and jetlag go over the next couple of days.

Thanks for your patience.

20 Sep

The Forgotten: Pages 58,59, and 60

I mentioned a few days ago that I’m on vacation this week. I’ve got this week’s pages already written, and it’s just easier for me to post them all now rather than try to space them out via the normal M-W-F schedule.
So here you go:
Page 58
Page 59
Page 60

Next week’s pages haven’t been written, and I don’t expect to get a lot of writing done between now and then. I don’t know what that means yet.

18 Sep

The Forgotten: Page 57

Here’s page 57 of “The Forgotten.”
And now we finally learn the truth. Well, most of it.

16 Sep

The Forgotten: Page 56

Page 56 of “The Forgotten” has been posted to the library.

If you have a nagging sense of deja-vu from today’s installment… go with it. You MAY have read something similar before.
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14 Sep

The Forgotten: Page 55

Here is page 55 of “The Forgotten”.

11 Sep

The Forgotten: Page 54

Page 54 of “The Forgotten” is in the library.


9 Sep

The Forgotten: Page 53

Here is the next page of the serial fantasy story: “The Forgotten”.

Hope you’re enjoying the ride. I don’t think David is.

7 Sep

The Forgotten: Page 52

Nope, no day off this week.
Here’s Page 52 of The Forgotten

4 Sep

The Forgotten: Page 51

Here is Page 51 of The Forgotten. Looks like the party is about to start.