The Forgotten: Page 52

Nope, no day off this week.
Here’s Page 52 of The Forgotten


  1. nate, September 7, 2009:

    What a nice surprise. I decided to check this evening just in case, and wasn’t disappointed. Things seem to be moving along well. Be back on Wednesday.

  2. DarkIcon, September 7, 2009:

    Glad you decided to stop by. The rest of the week’s episodes (already written) follow much the same as the last few… incremental steps closer to the big event.

  3. nate, September 8, 2009:

    Cool. Of course I would have been glad to show up on Wednesday and find TWO pages, but reading it “on schedule” is great also. What’s with the phrase about more rags. I don’t recall seeing rags mentioned in recent updates.

  4. DarkIcon, September 8, 2009:

    They tore his clothes off and they became ‘rags’ on the floor. I may have edited that bit out without noticing, though.

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