The Forgotten: Page 56

Page 56 of “The Forgotten” has been posted to the library.

If you have a nagging sense of deja-vu from today’s installment… go with it. You MAY have read something similar before.

Also, an announcement: The wife and I are going on vacation next week. When I get back, I’ll be going back to Maine for two more weeks. My original intention was to have the story completely finished before I left, but that didn’t work out. I did manage to get a significant head-start, though. Next week’s episodes are all done, and I will probably post all three of them at one time just to avoid having do to it on vacation. However, since not much writing will get done next week, then there may a missed episode or two AFTER next week while I get caught back up. Hopefully not more than that; but it depends on how the job goes. I do intend to check the blog and email regularly, but I may not be responding in a timely fashion… or at all.


  1. nate, September 16, 2009:

    It made me flash back to Crusade, and the summoning of Balthaygur.

    Have a good vacation, and a good time on it. Don’t bother checking the site while on vacation. If you’ve got free time to do that, you’ve got free time to write :)

    I’ll be here while you’re gone, and when you get back.

  2. DarkIcon, September 22, 2009:

    Correct in one guess!
    I lifted a couple of passages almost directly from that old Crusade episode. Why? Because these two stories are related. This isn’t an alternate-reality version of the demon in Crusade, it is the EXACT SAME demon as in Crusade. Yeah, this means I’ve been waiting years to write this story and make that connection, but hey, that’s how I roll.

  3. nate, September 22, 2009:

    Aren’t you supposed to be vacationing with your wife?

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