The Forgotten: Pages 58,59, and 60

I mentioned a few days ago that I’m on vacation this week. I’ve got this week’s pages already written, and it’s just easier for me to post them all now rather than try to space them out via the normal M-W-F schedule.
So here you go:
Page 58
Page 59
Page 60

Next week’s pages haven’t been written, and I don’t expect to get a lot of writing done between now and then. I don’t know what that means yet.


  1. nate, September 21, 2009:

    What a treat. So much in so few words. Page 58 could have been a bit more descriptive, and the fight taking place on the following pages could be fleshed out a bit more, but all three pages were great and continue to fit this format.

    Enjoy the week or so off.

  2. DarkIcon, September 22, 2009:

    I agree. Given more time I probably would have made these pages longer. what I didn’t want to do was stretch them out over many more days because, as you’ll see (eventually), this scene has quite a bit more to go.

    Hopefully page 58 addressed the concerns of those folks who commented on page 57. If not:
    Yes, this is Eric Hood (though he doesn’t go by the name ‘Hood’ here).
    Eric is not a ghost. Not any more. He WAS a ghost, and now he’s taken up residence in David’s body, evicting David entirely. This doesn’t exactly match the Eric Hood in the present-day stories, who seems to have two personalities, neither of which acts like David. All I’ll say about that is: Eric’s story doesn’t end with this one, and THIS one isn’t even over yet.

  3. nate, September 22, 2009:

    Ok, now I’m wanting you to write at least two more stories. The first being Eric’s background, prior to this current story. The second being Eric’s future between now and the character intro for him.

    I know it’s wishful thinking, but figured I’d throw out a plug for them.

  4. DarkIcon, September 22, 2009:

    There was always a plan for an Eric Hood story detailing how he became a member of December’s organization. That may still get written. As for what happened before the current story… not much. He really WAS just a kid that got sacrificed before David, so unless you mean what the demon did to him there’s not much to tell. …well, okay, that’s not right either. That would make a very interesting story, but I don’t think that was what you were talking about in your comment.

  5. Caber, September 23, 2009:

    Moving along nicely.

    Am I the only one rooting for the townspeople?

  6. nate, September 23, 2009:

    I’m waiting for the other stranger(s) to show up. To hell with the townspeople. I do hope David survives though.

    DI – The story where Eric joins December is the one I was thinking of. Particulary if that’s where N’Doki does whatever it is to him.

    Too many stories. Right now I’m wishing that you would win a LARGE lottery so you could focus on writing. Finish up In Deed, then the open thread of Crusade. Track down Rapina and finish that one too. All the while fleshing out Magekiller and writing the next series of December novels.

  7. DarkIcon, September 23, 2009:

    Not saying you’re rooting for the losing team, Caber, but Young Eric Hood is running loose with enchanted daggers in a room full of unarmed people that he hates.

    And in a few pages, things get worse.

    Hope you don’t have any money on the outcome.

  8. nate, September 28, 2009:

    And that’s one of the things I’m hoping you explain. Just how did young Eric get that skilled with a dagger? I recall that Chain identified the daggerwork as that of a Grand Master, but it’s never been explained. Is it something the demon did to him, or is he just a natural at it?

  9. DarkIcon, September 28, 2009:

    …that’s a very interesting question, nate. I’ll answer that question with another question:

    Who ELSE has this demon been involved with? Does THAT person have any
    ‘special skills’ to speak of? Not necessarily supernatural, mind you… just very very very good at something?

    Also, I’ll remind you that the story isn’t over yet. ;)

  10. nate, September 29, 2009:

    Who else? First thought was Blaymore, then I discarded that. This isn’t the shadow. Second thought was Sebastian. Other than his training from Donovan, no real specail skills that I can think of.

    I’m now on a kick to try and see some of the movies you’ve reviewed. I’m working on getting copies of Midnight Meat Train, and the english dubbed version of Inside. Also, the 2007 release of Cthulhu.

    I was going to make some posts on the Asylum Walls about movies, and also try to locate someone who posted a story there years ago, but that page isn’t functioning correctly. Is there any way to add a link or something to this page for us readers to post non-topic related things? No rush of course, I understand that you’re very busy.

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