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25 Oct

The Forgotten: Pages 69 and 70 – THE END

I’ve posted the last few pages of “The Forgotten” all at once.
Here’s page 69 – Epilogue 1
Here’s page 70 – Epilogue 2
Each page is a bit longer than a normal page, and both put together are around 2500 words. I didn’t really see the sense in dragging these out into next week, so here they are all at once.

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23 Oct

The Forgotten: Page 68

Here is Page 68 of “The Forgotten”

There are only a couple more pages left after this, and I’ll try to have them all posted on Monday. If not, then regular schedule next week.

21 Oct

The Forgotten: Page 67

Page 67 of “The Forgotten” is ready for you to enjoy.

19 Oct

The Forgotten: Page 66

Here is Page 66 of the serial fantasy (horror?) story, “The Forgotten”.

Pages like this one (and the next two) make me smile. It’s an evil, malicious, sinister smile, true, but it’s still a smile. How about you?

17 Oct

Review: Wrong Turn 3 – Left For Dead

The third movie in the inbred-cannibal-mutant-hillbilly franchise features a group of escaped prisoners who find themselves lost in the woods and hunted by a pair of the flesh-eating freaks. Oh, and lets throw some miscellaneous cops, a leftover camper, a random dog, and an armored car full of money in there just for kicks.
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16 Oct

The Forgotten: Page 65

Page 65 of The Forgotten has been posted.

Here’s a question that only writer’s of scifi and horror have: Do you refer to a possessed entity by its physical identity, or by the identity of the possessing soul? In this scene, I have TWO… which means I have to do odd things like saying “Rinius’ body did this…” or “The boy did that…”, which sounds kind of awkward to me. Somehow, I don’t think non-genre writers have ever had to contend with that one.

14 Oct

The Forgotten: Page 64

Here’s page 64 of The Forgotten.

I would NOT want to be in that room.

Friday’s page will be delayed. Expect it late Friday afternoon rather than first thing in the morning.

12 Oct

The Forgotten: Page 63

Here’s page 63 of The Forgotten.

11 Oct

Review: Trick ‘r Treat

What it’s about:
This is one of those anthology movies that contains several stories. In this case, it’s four, all of which take place in the same town on the same Halloween night. We have an unlucky but sadistic child-killer, a very persistent (and homicidal) trick-or-treater, a group of girls searching for a good time in a small town, and a group of kids who decide to play one hell of a Halloween prank. Each story is complete on its own, but they’re all connected.

What I thought:
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4 Oct

Nothing new here…

There’s no update today. I’m still in Maine, still working on my 13-day work week. Nothing’s been written since last Monday.