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There’s no update today. I’m still in Maine, still working on my 13-day work week. Nothing’s been written since last Monday.


  1. nate, October 5, 2009:

    Thanks for letting us know. Will check back later in the week, but understand if work takes precedence. If you get an expense account, have a lobster and try to enjoy.

  2. DarkIcon, October 8, 2009:

    I know it’s been a week; but I’m still alive. Tired, but alive. Tomorrow I go home, and this weekend I should be back to writing.

    I met someone at the office in Maine who grew up with Stephen King. It disturbs me that I find that so exciting. …tired… yeah, must be tired…

  3. nate, October 9, 2009:

    Patiently waiting…

    I keep checking each day, just in case.

    Quick Review: I finally saw the dvd of the 2007 movie titled CTHULHU. I wasn’t too impressed. Some of the scenery was really good, but the story was very hard to follow. In that respect, it was very much like a lot of HPL’s writings.

    Towards the end, the plot started to make sense but it was too little/too late. I’m guessing that those things coming out of the water are zombies or ancient ones, but the camera angle is so far away that they look like a bunch of waterlogged drunks.

    I was also personally turned off by the extended scene of the main character kissing his boyfriend. That’s right, the main character is gay. That in itself didn’t really bother me, but a scene of a lingering kiss between two men is more than I care to see.

    The Great Cthulhu is mentioned two or three times, as is Dagon. The manhole cover with Cthulhu (from the trailer) is the only graphical depiction. There are a couple of attempts at jump-scares, but they’re rather poor. The scenes underground where the main character is using a rechargeable flash from a camera to find his way around are neat, but you never get a good look at what he’s seeing.

    When he’s researching the past at the library there is a “cameo” in one of the articles he reads where it names a “Howard Phillips”. I thought that was a nice nod.

    T&A is all male. The one hetero scene is fully clothed.

    Overall, if you’re a fan of HPL it might be worth seeing. I don’t think it’ll improve on a second viewing though, so once is enough.

    The movie was based on the works of HPL, but no specific story was mentioned in the credits.

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