Review: Trick ‘r Treat

What it’s about:
This is one of those anthology movies that contains several stories. In this case, it’s four, all of which take place in the same town on the same Halloween night. We have an unlucky but sadistic child-killer, a very persistent (and homicidal) trick-or-treater, a group of girls searching for a good time in a small town, and a group of kids who decide to play one hell of a Halloween prank. Each story is complete on its own, but they’re all connected.

What I thought:

I really liked this one. It’s not often that I see a GOOD horror movie. This was one. I usually like anthologies because even if most of the stories are crap, there’s at least one that’s good enough to make it worthwhile. In this case, they’re all good. There’s lots of quality gore and a fair amount of humor without turning the whole thing into a comedy. The stories are a bit predictable, but that’s okay here because the whole point is to enjoy the ride. Not that there aren’t a few surprises that I didn’t see coming.

The nerdy child-killer story was incredibly funny and incredibly dark. The round-headed, sack-masked trick-or-treater (which you see EVERYWHERE in the movie) was creepy and violent. Plus, this kid uses candy as a weapon. CANDY! You just can’t beat that. The one about the Halloween prank has to be my favorite, if only because of the sound effects at the end. Listen for them. The story of the girls and their choice of Halloween entertainment is my least favorite, although it is the only story featuring any T&A. None of these stories are bad or badly done. All of them are that “one story” that would make a lesser anthology worthwhile.

Another thing I liked about these tales is they’re connection to one another. Often you’ll see the characters from the stories crossing paths as they go about their own misadventures, and sometimes a minor character in one story turns out to be a major one in another. And they do this in a way that doesn’t turn the whole thing into a convoluted mess (like I probably would). It’s all just… fun.

End result: It’s on DVD. Rent it or download it without fear that you’ll be disappointed.


  1. nate, October 11, 2009:

    Now I have to add this to my list of downloads…

    From your description of this one, it sounds a bit like 11:14. That movie too was a bunch of intermixed plots, but very well done. Not really a horror movie, but worth seeing.

    Currently I’m going through the 8 hellraiser movies, and the last two Clint Eastwood westerns. I’m also planning on seeing Broken, and Inside. Just trying to get the time for it all.

  2. DarkIcon, October 11, 2009:

    Inside is awesome, if you like gore. I mean REALLY l like it. I think I reviewed it somewhere. I don’t think I’ve heard of 11:14; I’m gonna have to check it out. You already know how I feel about Hellraiser, although you may be better off just watching the first two or, if you’re feeling generous with your time, the first four. Broken sounds familiar…

    BTW, since you’re hanging around on a Sunday night, the next page of “The Forgotten” is up.

  3. nate, October 12, 2009:

    Didn’t check for it, but now it’s Monday morning and The Forgotten is one of the reasons I booted up my computer.

    You did review Inside, and that’s a major factor in me wanting to see it.

    11:14 – I remeber a couple of scenes, and the fact that the storylines were so interwoven. If I remember correctly, you see the story from one person/group point of view up to a certain point, then it goes back and repeats from another point of view once or twice, and finally all the various points catch up and the story proceeds to an ending.

  4. nate, October 12, 2009:

    Well, the page is up but the announcement isn’t. Thanks for letting me know or I’d have just seen no announcement and gone about my day.

    Good page by the way. This isn’t the entity that N’Doki sees at the end of December Nights II is it? The one that Trisk sees and offers to help December fight? I don’t think it is, but have to ask.

  5. DarkIcon, October 12, 2009:

    No, this isn’t that entity.

  6. nate, November 27, 2009:

    I finally saw Trick R Treat this week and didn’t really care for it. It reminded me a lot of the Tales from the Crypt movies.

    It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. Scratch out the very little strong language in it and I’d let my kids watch it.

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