The Forgotten: Page 64

Here’s page 64 of The Forgotten.

I would NOT want to be in that room.

Friday’s page will be delayed. Expect it late Friday afternoon rather than first thing in the morning.


  1. nate, October 14, 2009:

    Good page, but it shows the downside of the format. You’re killing them off in large groups with very little description, yet the description you give is at the same time very good. This is a scene that I think would have been better if extended a bit more, giving us some more detail of what those in the crowd are thinking/doing/feeling.

    I’m assuming Lowell saw David behind the altar. I’ll be back Friday to find out.

    I’m still not clear on how Eric is able to move from location to location so quickly and without being seen.

  2. DarkIcon, October 14, 2009:

    Well, in THIS instance it’s because everybody’s attention is focused on the undead guy turning people into puddles of steaming goo.

    I know what you mean about the descriptions. What happened to Oscar was intended to be an example of what happened to dozens of other people a few seconds afterward. But I didn’t want to drag that bit out across the weekend, especially when we’re so close to the end.

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