Review: Wrong Turn 3 – Left For Dead

The third movie in the inbred-cannibal-mutant-hillbilly franchise features a group of escaped prisoners who find themselves lost in the woods and hunted by a pair of the flesh-eating freaks. Oh, and lets throw some miscellaneous cops, a leftover camper, a random dog, and an armored car full of money in there just for kicks.

What did I think?
This was not a good movie. Bad acting, idiotic characters, and poor CGI turned this into yet another nail in the Wrong Turn coffin. I almost didn’t watch it at all. Sure, those first few kills were entertaining (plus T&A always helps) but the entire opening sequence reeked of low-budget crap. Then we moved on to the prison where they introduce the poorly-acted one-dimensional cast and the ‘plot’ for the movie. That part sucked so bad that I wanted to turn it off right then. But I’m almost glad I didn’t. Almost. The movie got better as it went along, and in the end it turned out better than I expected… better than the opening scenes implied, and certainly better than the second movie.

…It just wasn’t good ENOUGH. It was unoriginal and poorly executed. Nothing surprising happened in this entire movie, except at the VERY end. And the cannibals? Two guys in Halloween masks doing an imitation of the Joker’s laugh from the Batman cartoons? This… is horror?


Pass on this one. If you decide not to, then don’t judge the entire movie on the basis of the first fifteen minutes. You MIGHT like enough of it to keep it from being a complete waste of time. But I don’t think so.


  1. nate, October 19, 2009:

    I’ll be seeing it eventually. I didn’t think it came out until the 20th, and that’s tomorrow. I really liked the first in this series, but the second one went downhill right after the first kill scene. This one I’ll see just because I’ve seen the others, but I don’t really expect much.

    My copies of Hellraiser 4, 5, and 6 wouldn’t play correctly, so I may have to revisit them at some point. Hellraiser 7 was actually pretty decent, but 8 sucked big time. If I remember correctly, everything after the first two was “based on characters by Clive Barker”. Reading between the lines I get “someone else’s idea of a movie that wasn’t good enough to shoot, but they decided to attach Pinhead to it and give it a go”. One thing at least that’s continuous is the same actor does pinhead in each movie.

    I’m currently halfway through Inside and trying to find the time to finish it. What I’ve seen so far is good.

  2. DarkIcon, October 19, 2009:

    At least they attempt to make a serious horror movie with this sequel, unlike the second movie. They get extra points for that alone.

  3. nate, October 26, 2009:

    I saw it this weekend and have to agree, it’s very poor. See the original movie, and forget the sequals unless you have absolutely nothing better to do.

    The only franchise I can remember that’s worse is the Hills have Eyes.

  4. nate, February 18, 2011:

    Bored at work, so i’m browsing through the Random Posts and came across this one.

    I understand that there’s going to be a 4th movie in this franchise. Maybe it’ll be worthwhile.

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