The Forgotten: Page 66

Here is Page 66 of the serial fantasy (horror?) story, “The Forgotten”.

Pages like this one (and the next two) make me smile. It’s an evil, malicious, sinister smile, true, but it’s still a smile. How about you?


  1. nate, October 19, 2009:

    This scene would be great as a movie.

  2. Kragon, October 19, 2009:

    When Eric has his mind set to something nothing much will make him change his mind. Even if it’s his own mother asking for forgiveness. That time has passed.

  3. DarkIcon, October 19, 2009:

    Clearly, Young Eric is not to be messed-with. He’s come a long way just to put some new holes in some folks, and he’s not gonna let crap like redemption and forgiveness get in his way.

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