The Forgotten: Page 67

Page 67 of “The Forgotten” is ready for you to enjoy.


  1. nate, October 21, 2009:

    This wasn’t here when I checked a moment ago. Good thing I refreshed.

    Another good page. This young character though seems to be much more mature for his age than one would expect. Perhaps that’s a side effect of where he’s been.

    I think you mentioned before that the daggers were magic. Will we find out the powers? The only other golder dagger I remember was from December Nights II. Any relation? You’ve been known to tie your various stories together in stranger ways.

  2. DarkIcon, October 21, 2009:

    Yeah, going to hell probably has that effect on people.

    These are different daggers, and they’re pretty normal as enchanted weapons go. They cut very, very well.

  3. Kragon, October 21, 2009:

    Why do I get the feeling that Eric has something “special” planned for Lowell.

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