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30 Nov

In Deed: Page 13

Here’s page 13 of the sci-fi horror serial “In Deed”.
Time to find out what Stryger and the others are up to.

27 Nov

In Deed: Page 12

Hopefully everyone’s coming out of their food coma in enough time to read the next page of In Deed.
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25 Nov

In Deed: Page 11

Here’s page 11 of In Deed.

You’d probably get the impression that I just don’t LIKE the woman for some reason. Not true; I swear.

23 Nov

In Deed: Pages 9 and 10

As promised (if a bit late) here are the next two pages of my scifi horror story, “In Deed”:
Page 9
Page 10

18 Nov

In Deed: Page 8

Here’s page 8 of In Deed.

Friday’s page may be delayed. It may happen on Saturday instead, OR I may make Monday’s page twice as long to compensate, depending on how work goes.

16 Nov

In Deed: Page 7

Here’s Page 7 of “In Deed”. Hopefully you guessed this turn of events by now.

13 Nov

In Deed: Page 6

There’s a slight change of pace with Page 6 of In Deed.

11 Nov

In Deed: Page 5

Here is page 5 of the science fiction serial, “In Deed”.

9 Nov

In Deed: Page 4

Here’s the first new page of “In Deed”.
If you haven’t re-read the first bit, you’ll want to do that now. Page 4 picks up exactly where page 3 left off, and you’ll just be confused if you jump straight in without a refresher.

2 Nov

Next Week: In Deed

Before Anyone Asks:

The next story I’ll be tackling is “In Deed”… a story that’s been started twice already.
The original flash-version from the Book of Dark Places project is here. This was the last BoDP story, and I abandoned the project long before the ending.
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