In Deed: Page 12

Hopefully everyone’s coming out of their food coma in enough time to read the next page of In Deed.

Now that this scene is over, I can’t help wondering how it would have turned out if I’d continued the Book of Dark Places version instead of switching to text. My original plan for this major action sequence went pretty much the same, only at the end, the soldier and Tandem both went into the mine, still fighting. That was still my plan for this version, but I couldn’t quite choreograph it in my head. I wonder if I would have changed the BoDP version, too. I already had a 3D model picked out for the soldier, but this would have been the biggest action sequence I’d tried to render during the entire project… so I likely would have scaled it way back just to get it done. Still, I keep wondering what it would have looked like…


  1. nate, November 27, 2009:

    Good twist. i’d started wondering what Ethan’s secrets were. He knows too much, and is too talented to be just a person. I don’t think he’s a full cyborg, but I do think he’s been cybernetically enhanced. And maybe has some sort of military/spy background.

    As for dinner yesterday, I think I’m still digesting. I’m allergic to poultry, but my beloved fixed a large meatloaf and I think I ate about a fourth of it. Don’t laugh. If I was on death row my wife’s meatloaf would be my request for a last meal. Beef, Venison, Sausage…those of you who haven’t tasted it just don’t know what you’re missing.

  2. nate, November 29, 2009:

    Check out the above blog, specifically the story “perks”.

    I really think readers of this site will enjoy at least that story.

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