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30 Dec

In Deed: Page 23

Here’s page 23 of “In Deed”

28 Dec

In Deed: Page 22

Back after the holidays, here’s Page 22 of “In Deed”.

26 Dec

Link: How Everything Goes To Hell.

THIS is genius:
How Everything Goes to Hell in A Zombie Apocalypse

18 Dec

In Deed: Page 21

Here is page 21 of scifi serial fiction story “In Deed”.

This one was meant to be slightly creepy. I hope I managed to pull that off, as well as make it clear what Ethan was doing.

There will be no updates next week.

16 Dec

In Deed: Page 20

While Ethan’s busy, let’s go back to Stryer and the others.
Here’s page 20.
Don’t you hate it when characters know more than you do? Although what Ethan and Stryger think is going on isn’t exactly the case, it’s still reasonably close.

14 Dec

In Deed: Page 19

Page 19 of the science fiction serial “In Deed” is in the library. Time to find out what’s been keeping Ethan busy.

11 Dec

In Deed: Page 18

Page 18 of “In Deed” is ready.

9 Dec

In Deed: Page 17

Right here:

7 Dec

In Deed: Page 16

Page 16 of the sci-fi/horror serial “In Deed” is ready in the library.

4 Dec

In Deed: Page 15

Page 15 of “In Deed” is in the library.

Oh yeah, like I’ll make it THAT easy…