In Deed: Page 22

Back after the holidays, here’s Page 22 of “In Deed”.


  1. nate, December 28, 2009:

    Great page. Glad to see you’re back.

    Ethereal Sampler. Good plug there. Just like the plug for Eric on BODP.

    Looks like I was right about the code. Score one for me.

    Out of curiosity, how far along in the story are we? Have he hit halfway yet?

  2. DarkIcon, December 28, 2009:

    Rather than guess, I’ll say honestly that I don’t know. I never intended for this to be a LONG story; certainly not as long as “Court of the Abominatrix”, and hopefully shorter than “The Forgotten”, if that helps.

  3. DarkIcon, December 28, 2009:

    BTW… once, I had an idea for a science fiction story in which someone used the Ethereal Sampler aboard a spaceship where the entire crew had died mysteriously. Think that’d make a good story?

    Newcomers who don’t know what the Ethereal Sampler is should go
    and then here:

  4. nate, December 28, 2009:

    The Ethereal Sampler on a spaceship with a dead crew. I just watched the movie Event Horizon last week, and that would be the perfect setting for that device.

  5. epm, December 28, 2009:

    OK, you notice that everyone has been here for a while when all of us know what Ethereal Sampler is.
    In a ship with a dead crew? Depends on what killed them.

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