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25 Jan

In Deed: Page 30

Back from unplanned hiatus, here’s page 30 of “In Deed”

That’s not the kind of surprise I’d want to find in an airlock.

15 Jan

His Name was Logan

My Cocker Spaniel… a permanent fixture in my home for 15 years… died last night. It wasn’t unexpected for me, but my wife (who has been recovering from an extended illness) didn’t know he was on his way out until last night. Thankfully she got a chance to say goodbye. Hopefully she’ll understand and not hate me for keeping it a secret. I don’t think dogs are capable of hate, but if they are, I hope Logan understood that there was nothing I could do for him. He was increasingly erratic and annoying in his later years, but he was our friend.

That’s about all I can say right now, other than that this has turned out to be a pretty shitty week.

13 Jan

What’s this popup? Oh hell… OH HELL!

Since Saturday night I’ve been involved in an epic battle against the trojan that installed itself on my machine. Well… it didn’t install ITSELF, I was a bit too quick while surfing the web; my hands were faster than my brain and I clicked on the WRONG DAMN THING…

…next thing I know, my machine is literally going insane right before my eyes. My anti-malware app gives a brief warning and then promptly shits itself. To Death. Certain security websites are unreachable. I get repeated authentic-seeming windows popups telling me that I have been infected with every species of malware known to man. Some random new “anti-malware” program attempts to install itself every five minutes. Every few seconds, the (authentic-seeming) Windows Security Center screen opens in an attempt to lure me into buying more security software. The machine locks up every time I try to boot into safe mode.

And, while I’m busy googling and virus scanning… my computer shuts down. No, it didn’t crash… it SHUT DOWN.



The rest of the weekend and the last two days were interesting. I got my computer to at least ACT as if it were under my control, and it passes scans from the handful of malware-scanners I’ve thrown at it since. Of course, I can’t be 100% sure it’s clean until I try a few more things, and even then I can only be about 90% sure, so I may end up re-installing the OS.

Needless to say, not a lot of writing got done over the past few days. Not a lot of writing will get done in the NEXT few days, and the weekend may be devoted to port scanning and other attempts to break into my own machine just to see if there are any holes still open.

Fortunately, no data was lost YET. I’ll get back to writing when I can trust the machine that I write on.

13 Jan

In Deed: Page 29

Here’s page 29 of “In Deed”
It’s a bit late, for reasons that will be explained in another post.

11 Jan

In Deed: Page 28

Here it is.
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not liking that plan either.

8 Jan

In Deed: Page 27

Here’s Page 27. Sounds like a plan is in the making.

6 Jan

In Deed: Page 26

Here’s Page 26 of In Deed, further clarifying what Ethan and Stryger think is going on.

Of course, they COULD be wrong…

4 Jan

In Deed: Page 25 (again)

My original post for Page 25 got ‘disappeared’ by the server. I don’t know what happened; maybe the nannites ate it.

4 Jan

In Deed: Page 25

Here’s Page 25 of In Deed.
Happy New Year, everyone.

1 Jan

In Deed: Page 24

Page 24 of “In Deed” is in the Library.
That’s certainly not a scene I’d want to run into on a spaceship. But then, if these characters knew they were in a Dark Icon story they would have killed themselves a long time ago.