In Deed: Page 24

Page 24 of “In Deed” is in the Library.
That’s certainly not a scene I’d want to run into on a spaceship. But then, if these characters knew they were in a Dark Icon story they would have killed themselves a long time ago.


  1. nate, January 2, 2010:

    Man, I forgot yesterday was Friday. I was home because of the holiday and didn’t even think of checking for an update.

    I’m glad I remembered it this morning.

    With bodies and/or parts stuffed in the fuel cell slots. Where are the fuel cells?

  2. epm, January 4, 2010:

    Perhaps the fuel cells were destroyed by the nanites.

  3. nate, January 4, 2010:

    I don’t know. Having read page 25 I have a couple of my lingering questions answered, but not this one.

  4. DarkIcon, January 4, 2010:

    Page 26 clarifies that a bit, although it should be reasonably clear already, depending on if you follow what Ethan realized in this page. They don’t want to KILL. If they did, everybody would be dead already. It wants to MURDER… to kill with violence in the shape of a human being. A hurricane (or a swarm of nannites) can easily kill, but it doesn’t murder. As for the fuel cells; if this swarm is acting like a human being, it might have done what a human being would do. Humans don’t typically eat fuel cells.

  5. nate, January 5, 2010:

    I wonder if the nannites are going to try to get off the planet. Perhaps they’ve taken the fuel cells after being unable to pilot the ship, and now are waiting to bargain with them. Time, and more pages, will tell.

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