In Deed: Page 25 (again)

My original post for Page 25 got ‘disappeared’ by the server. I don’t know what happened; maybe the nannites ate it.


  1. nate, January 5, 2010:

    I read somewhere that the Chinese government censor filters were down temporarily, so maybe when they came back online they killed your story.

    At least the link at the bottom of page 24 worked.

  2. nate, January 5, 2010:

    Hey Werewolf, if you’re out there and reading this, what’s the status of your Werewolf Experiments site? I remember it looked promising.

  3. WeREwOLf, January 5, 2010:

    Mostly it boils down to way too many minor distractions (nothing bad, mind you) that all add up to eating away my free time. That, and ADD isn’t just for kids — I’m worse than a pet raccoon in a pawn shop (“ooo, shiny…”).

    Also, I got a new job and moved to a different town last year, and things are MUCH better for me than they’ve been for over a decade. I firmly believe a large part of the driving force behind my past creative endeavors was pure, unbridled hatred and anger — hatred of my previous job, anger over the shitty financial situation I was in and at the petty, childish behavior that surrounded me, etc. Any artwork or games that I created were more a way to escape that oppressive reality. Now, I have nothing to hate, no complaints. Great for my sanity, lousy for my creativity. /shrug

    ‘Sides, even in the best(worst?) of times, I’ve never been good at following through on long-term projects. Just ask Marc, he could tell ya all kinds of stories… we’d bounce a cool idea back and forth, build up momentum on a new project, and then…
    Me: (looks over yonder) “ooo, shiny…” (gone)
    Marc: “wtf…”

    Hey, what’s that over there…

  4. nate, January 6, 2010:

    Bummer. Interesting stories are hard to come by.

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