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28 Feb

In Deed: Page 45

Meanwhile, on the other side of the facility…
Here’s page 45 of “In Deed”

26 Feb

In Deed: Page 44

Here’s page 44 of “In Deed”.

24 Feb

Snowpocalypse II: The Second Coming!


Snowing again. Not sticking, but we’re preparing for immediate evacuation, not to mention the Rapture.

24 Feb

In Deed: Page 43

Page 43 of In Deed is in the Library.
Looks like Stryger intends to have a little fun.

22 Feb

In Deed: Page 42

I managed to get connected to my home pc, so here’s page 42 of In Deed.

19 Feb

In Deed: Page 41

Here’s page 41 of “In Deed”

17 Feb

In Deed: Page 40

Here’s page 40.

15 Feb

In Deed: Page 39

Page 39 of the scifi serial “In Deed” is in the library.

13 Feb


Four inches of snow in some parts of Atlanta last night.

Four inches.

Dear God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Us?

Depending on where you live that may not sound like much, but the operative part of that first line was not “four inches” but “in Atlanta”. Not Philadelphia. Not New York. Not Fargo. Atlanta. Let me put this in perspective for you:
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12 Feb

In Deed: Page 38

Right here.

I’d say we’re probably in the final 1/3rd of the story now. There are a few more surprises yet.