In Deed: Page 35

Here’s page 35.
Admit it: There’s no WAY you saw that one coming, right?
Odd thing is… neither did I.


  1. nate, February 5, 2010:

    I’ll admit it. When Gilliam paused, I expected ths figure in the dust to be Tandem.

    Than again, maybe I did expect it a bit. Maybe this thing is trying to get off planet, and is going to bargain for the trip.

    Keep it going.

  2. epm, February 6, 2010:

    Nope, didn´t expect it at all. Now I imagine what it wants in exchange for the power cell or if it will simply use the power cell as a shield.
    If it wants to bargain … a lot of blood may be the end result.

  3. DarkIcon, February 7, 2010:

    A lot of blood will be the end result regardless. Not only is this thing inhuman, it’s intelligent and as noted in the next page, quite possibly insane. These people are screwed.

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