Snowpocalypse II: The Second Coming!


Snowing again. Not sticking, but we’re preparing for immediate evacuation, not to mention the Rapture.


  1. nate, February 26, 2010:

    Snow isn’t a precursor for the rapture. Maybe you should just go ahead and finish the story though, just in case.

    The snow missed us this time, but the wind sure isn’t. Gusts today of up to 60 mph, waterlogged ground, power lines, you know what that’ll end up meaning.

  2. Kragon, February 26, 2010:

    Hello, This is Sheri. Kevin’s, aka Kragon’s wife. I am here to let you all know that Kevin died last week in a auto accident while coming home from a friends house. If this seems a bit morbid to you I am sorry. But I know that Kevin was a long time reader on this site and was a big fan of Dark Icon’s work. I felt that it was only right that I let the people that he talked to on here know what had happened. Seeing that he was a former “Inmate” of the Asylum Walls.

    Thank you all.


  3. nate, February 26, 2010:

    Oh my Gosh! I don’t know what to say. Condolences and prayers of course. I never met Kragon in person, but still feel like I’ve lost someone fairly close to me. This is too small of a group to not feel that way.

    Again, condolences and prayers.

  4. WeREwOLf, February 26, 2010:

    Sheri, I am so sorry for your loss, please accept my condolences as well. I don’t know what else to say, other than that Kragon’s absence around here will certainly be felt for a very long time to come.

  5. epm, March 2, 2010:

    This will probably never be read by Sheri, but anyway. Here come my condolences.
    Our small community just got smaller.

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