In Deed: Page 52

Here we learn a little bit more about Tandem.


  1. nate, March 17, 2010:

    And Ethan. I’ll come out and ask it directly. Is Ethan a Cyborg? Tandem is 80-85% tech, but Ethan has that wire port in his skull so he too must be some percentage tech. Earlier in the story Ethan told Tandem that he’d bet his secret trumped hers. He may have been referring to being a spy, but I’m starting to wonder just how much tech he has in him.

  2. DarkIcon, March 17, 2010:

    He was referring to being a spy, because at the time he didn’t know that she was a cyborg. The single brain implant that we’ve seen is all he has, although it has several uses. He essentially has a specialized computer in his head.

  3. epm, March 18, 2010:

    And things just got worse for our “terrorist group”. I wonder how they will deal with this imbalance.

  4. nate, March 19, 2010:

    I don’t think I’d be plugging anything that’s attached to my brain into a cyborg that has nannites in it. What’s to keep them from infecting me? Maybe this is just Tandem playing possum to lure Ethan into something where she’ll have a major advantage.

    Hopefully page 53 will be up before long…

  5. DarkIcon, March 19, 2010:

    I wouldn’t either. However, Ethan thinks it isn’t much of a risk. Accoding to him, these nannites aren’t intelligent and (probably) aren’t even self-replicating. I don’t know if that makes them more or less advanced than common ants… but I wouldn’t let ants in my brain either.

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