In Deed: Page 66

I think now is a good time to check in on Gilliam and Shaw.


  1. nate, April 26, 2010:

    I agree, but why is page 66 identical to page 65?

  2. DarkIcon, April 26, 2010:

    No it isn’t. You must have imagined it. ;)

  3. nate, April 26, 2010:

    I must have been.

    Yet another great page.

    I’m too lazy to look it up, but back when Tandem fell into the mine didn’t the nannite soldier also fall in?

  4. DarkIcon, April 26, 2010:

    No, he was trapped in the explosion that tossed her into the mine.
    Oddly enough, in my original idea for the story, they were BOTH going to fall in, still fighting each other all the way to the bottom. That was always my intention, even back in the BoDP version. At the time I was writing the scene, though, I couldn’t quite make that happen.

  5. nate, April 27, 2010:

    A bit of description of the sound being heard might help those of us who are intently following this story.

  6. DarkIcon, April 27, 2010:

    Tomorrow explains everything.

  7. nate, April 28, 2010:

    This looks liks a short film you might appreciate. It reminded me a little of some of your science fiction writing.

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