In Deed: Page 67

Moving right along; here’s page 67 of the sci-fi serial, “In Deed”
If you’re guessing that I’m leading up to some sort of climatic confrontation here… you’d be right. Hmm, maybe now would be a good time to go on extended hiatus for a few weeks? Yes? No?


  1. nate, April 28, 2010:

    No hiatus allowed. Not that I can stop you, but it would be appreciated if you’d le us know when to expect you back if you do.

    The access plate in the control room doesn’t necessarily mean that the power conduit has to be accessed from that point. It has to run somewhere outside of the control room, and maybe damaging it from another position can cause havoc in there.

  2. DarkIcon, April 28, 2010:

    Yes, that will be mentioned in the next page. However, there are a limited number of places that a HUMAN can access the conduit. A swarm of nannites can get to it anywhere it wants, but a human needs some sort of access hatch. The closest one… and the one with more humans it wants to kill conveniently nearby… is in the lower control room.

    As for why this thing insists on acting like a human; maybe we’ll never find out. Or maybe Ethan and Stryger are finding that out this very moment. We’ll have to wait and see.

  3. nate, April 30, 2010:

    Wait a minute. Wasn’t that thing trapped in a cargo container or something? How did it get out? I know it could have just eaten its way out, but Stryger didn’t seem to think that it would. Was it able to punch its way out?

  4. nate, April 30, 2010:

    I sure hope this isn’t the beginning of the hinted at hiatus…

    I’m heading home now to get my oldest two kids and go see the remake of Nightmare on Elm street. I’ll probably check back tonight or in the morning to see if page 68 is up and running.

  5. nate, May 1, 2010:

    68 was good, as always.

    Is this power cell from another ship? It’s circular, and the one’s Tandem found were triangular.

  6. epm, May 2, 2010:

    Where is the link for page 68 in the blog? I got there through the library, but someone may get lost.
    As for the story, interesting using the fuel cell as a shield again.
    I hope that we find out why the nanites are acting as a human being.

  7. DarkIcon, May 3, 2010:

    the whole “use the fuel cell as a shield” thing didn’t really work out all that well, though.

    We’ll find out why the nannites are what they are very soon.

    The triangular fuel cells are the original ones from Stryger’s ship. The circular cross-section ones are from Shaw and Ethan’s ship. In hindsight, I should have made them identical, as the different types are adding a bit of unnecessary complexity.

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