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31 May

Cellphone + Microwave =???

Check out what happens when you put a cellphone in the microwave. This is an old vid, so you may have seen it.

Somehow, as an electrical engineer, I suspected this all along.
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31 May

In Deed: Page 79

Here is Page 79 of In Deed.

This was supposed to be Friday’s episode, but it got delayed due to a malware attach that managed to infect the site. I do almost all of my writing on weekends now, but between fixing the site, and doing the things that I had already planned to do this weekend, I got NO writing done. Zero.

So its not looking good for the rest of the week. Check back on Wednesday and Friday as usual, but don’t get your hopes up.

28 May

Something Very Strange Just Happened

I don’t have time to get into it now, but I have reason to believe that this blog has either been hacked or is infected with something.

I’m not 100% sure, and I could very easily be mistaken, as my understanding of WordPress isn’t perfect. But some key files have been modified to include some obfuscated javascript that caused the site to stop functioning. The offending scripts have since been commented out, but those are only the ones that I could find. Ten minutes on Google turned up nothing, so until I can find some time to understand what these scripts are and where they came from, I would operate under the conclusion that this blog compromised. Use your own best judgement as to what changes in behavior (if any) that entails.

If I discover any more disturbing signs, I may need to pull the blog down. This will be done without warning.

26 May

In Deed: Page 78

Here’s Page 78 of In Deed.
Looks like somebody’s just been out-maneuvered.

24 May

In Deed: Page 77

Here is Page 77 of “In Deed”

23 May

Link: The F*ck Is Your Problem!?

It’s been a while since something on the internet was literally laugh-out-loud funny. Contains profanity… which is the entire reason it’s so funny.

…but then, I DID just finish watching “New Moon”, so I am just a little bit dazed brain damaged.

21 May

In Deed: Page 76

Page 76 of “In Deed” is in the library

19 May

In Deed: Page 75

Here’s page 75 of “In Deed”.

17 May

In Deed: Page 74

Here’s page 74 of In Deed.

Page 74. Wow. This story is turning out to be much longer than I anticipated.

14 May

In Deed: page 73

Here’s page 73 of the science fiction horror serial, In Deed.

My original plan for this page’s revelation wasn’t anything like this. Things got compressed due to the format, leading Ethan to say things that, logically, he shouldn’t know. He can guess… and he MAY be guessing wrong… but he can’t logically conclude that much from what he’s seen so far. As a nod to this, I have Stryger say exactly what I was thinking as I wrote it.