In Deed: Page 74

Here’s page 74 of In Deed.

Page 74. Wow. This story is turning out to be much longer than I anticipated.


  1. nate, May 17, 2010:

    Longer is better (kind of like size doesn’t matter), but it does raise the question of what’s next…

  2. WinkJunior, May 25, 2010:

    There’s nothing more I love than when a supposed “writer” – like lightly armored “glass” – is really arrogant well before they write anything worth reading. For example, “glass” in parens – why bother? Too many one-line sentences. Overuse of ellipses, a crime only second to the misuse of the semi-colon. I doubt any editor would want to put the effort into just this and the two latter pages to go though and make a readable book. But hey, you go on being the know-it-all when it comes to writing; at least you and I share a great dislike for the egomaniac Terry Goodkind who just keeps cranking out “by-the-numbers” drek. Have you considered finding someone to play editor? Seriously.

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