In Deed: Page 75

Here’s page 75 of “In Deed”.


  1. nate, May 20, 2010:

    I’d be grabbing that plasma rifle and running away. Gilliam appears to be hurting too bad to follow, and I think I’d take the chance while the distraction is occuring. As soon as I could, I’d inspect the rifle then go from there.

  2. epm, May 21, 2010:

    Nope, even if you did this you would still be alone in the planet with that thing hunting you. If she runs, the creature will kill Gillian and set the drill to kill the others. She would not stand a chance of finding the cells and leaving the planet.
    Shooting with a damaged gun is not a good option either, so, she may be out of options.
    Now I wonder what would have happened if the creature had taken out its helmet and talked to her in the begining.

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